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{{The Gyeonggi dialect (경기 방언) or Seoul dialect (서울 사투리/서울말) of the Korean language is the prestige dialect of the language and the basis of the standardized form used in both countries on the Korean Peninsula: South and North Korea. It spoken throughout Korean Peninsula and in the Korean diaspora, but it is mainly concentrated in the Seoul National Capital Area, the most densely populated part of South Korea, which includes the cities of Seoul and Incheon, as well as the whole Gyeonggi Province. It is also spoken in the city of Kaesong and the counties of Kaepung and Changpung in North Korea. More recently, Gyeonggi dialect has seen increased use in online contexts, in turn leading to the majority of young Koreans' use of the dialect, regardless of their regional affiliation. Some worry that the prolific use of online communication channels may lead to a wider adoption of Gyeonggi dialect, in lieu of distinct, regional dialects. wikipedia

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1 Airport 공항 (Gong-hang) 🔊
2 apple 사과 (sa-gua) 🔊